TaggCode provides medical ID bracelets that can used during competitions instead of traditional medical armbands. TaggCode allows one to design their own bracelets in any number of colors that can be worn at all times.


"I love my bracelet and get many compliments on it not just from equestrians. They are so stylish to wear everyday that you will never forget your medical armband again!" - Connor


IRH Helmets combines fashion with function. You will enjoy the superior comfort and fit in competition or while schooling at home. These helmets are gorgeous in any show environment and provide high levels of safety.


Flexible Fit Equestrian is an Australian tack company that provides affordable, adjustable and comfortable tack for the horses. They allow one to customize the size of each part of the bridle while providing gorgeous wearable tack the both the horse and rider enjoy.


Buckeye Nutrition is a fully formulated grain perfect for horses of all ages and work levels. We feed Cadence Ultra, EQ8 Senior and Gro N' Win, and can have a nutritionist formulate a specific meal plan for your horse. 


Whole Horse Equine is a plant derived skin care line for all of the equine and pet needs. This amazing line of products features fly spray, several shampoos for fungus, cleaning and whitening shampoos, all safe for all types of horses. 



Sponsorships are a valuable way for companies to increase exposure to a wide audience in the equestrian world.


Students and friends regularly ask Connor for advice on what products she recommends including tack and equipment, feed, supplements, and grooming supplies. These recommendations create a widespread and loyal customer base.


In exchange of financial donation and/or complimentary product, we can offer:

  • Banner placement on stall fronts at all competitions throughout the country

  • Logo placement on apparel such as breeches, polos, jackets, etc. and on saddle pads, ear bonnets, and blankets to be used on horses at competition and worn by Connor’s team

  • Logo placement on the show trailer, used to haul to all events, clinics, lessons, and horse shows

  • Logo , link and information visible on our website 

  • Pictures and shout-outs on social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram

  • Autograph signings, course walks, and major appearances when requested

  • Customized promotion upon request

Horse Ownership

Owning a horse is another exciting way to become involved the sport of 3-day eventing. Options such as syndication, partial, or full horse-ownership are available at any given time. Whether you want to own a youngster just starting out or be a part of the journey with a seasoned competitor, there are no limits.


Producing a horse and maintaining them through the levels of the sport requires hard work and financial support; almost every member of the U.S. Event squad has a team of owners behind them to be successful.


Owners are invited to attend lessons with the top coaches in the country, events, and exclusive owners’ parties, among other special events. Get to go behind the scenes at competitions and are always welcome and encouraged to come with your horses in training throughout the year.


Companies who wish to become involved with a horse may also choose to have their name listed in the horse’s competition name. If your company would like to invest in a horse through syndication, complete, or partial ownership contact Connor.